• type 2 tethered charging cable
  • type 2 tethered ev cable
  • tethered ev cable
  • type 2 tethered charging cable
  • type 2 tethered ev cable
  • tethered ev cable

3.7KW Type 2 Tethered EV Charging Cable

Our 3.7KW Type 2 EV Charging Tethered Cable is a durable and reliable charging accessory for electric vehicles. With its 3.7KW power output, it ensures efficient charging and its Type 2 connector guarantees compatibility with a broad range of EV models.

Specification of 3.7KW Type 2 EV Charging Tethered Cable

Product ModelEVP-M2F2-116
Rated Current16A
Rated VoltageAC 240V (single phase)
Charging Power3.7KW
Mechanical Life Unload Plug & Off>10000 times
Working Temperature-30℃~65℃
Impact Resistance1m height drop and 2 Tons vehicle run-over pressure
Insulation Resistance>1000MΩ
Contact Resistance0.5MΩ MAX
Protection ClassIP54
Contact PinAluminum alloy, silver-plated surface, insulated top
Shell MaterialThermoplastic (flame retardant rating V-0)
Cable Length5m (Length is optional, Straight line or Spring line is optional)

Highlight Of 3.7KW Type 2 EV Charging Tethered Cable

  1. Fast Charging: The 3.7KW Type 2 Tethered EV Charging Cable allows for quick and efficient charging of electric vehicles, reducing charging time significantly.

  2. Tethered Design: The tethered EV cable comes with an integrated plug, eliminating the need for an additional charging cable, making it convenient and user-friendly.

  3. Type 2 Compatibility: It is compatible with Type 2 charging ports commonly found in electric vehicles, ensuring broad compatibility across different models.

  4. 3.7KW Power Output: With a power output of 3.7KW, the tethered EV cable provides a reliable and moderate charging speed for electric vehicles.

  5. Durable and Safe: The cable is designed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety during charging operations, and providing peace of mind for users.

Discover the reliability and performance of our ev charger supply cable, crafted with precision and expertise to deliver optimal charging performance for electric vehicles.


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